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Every industry requires sales or customer service support either over the phone, or through their website via live chat or email. Our clients have come to us with a wide variety of goals such as attracting new business, improving online customer support, strengthening customer loyalty, market expansion, and launching new products or services through various marketing channels.

We understand the unique nature of your market and offer our clients the added expertise of servicing a variety of industries. By combining your business objectives with our industry knowledge, you will have access to a talented and experienced workforce, behind a custom contact center solution supported by the best technology in the industry.

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The communications industry is thriving on today’s reliance on communication technology and services. Everyday use of the Internet, telephony, satellite, and cable, makes them important necessities that the majority of the population requires. Customers require prompt exceptional service, where the number of competitors offering similar communications technology and services, make it favorable for customers to demand and attain what they want.

BridgeCom understands this importance, and has the resources to build and maintain competitive advantage in this industry. Our award winning solutions will efficiently address customer inquiries, leaving them satisfied and loyal. Communications clients have turned to BridgeCom to:

  • Access our highly trained agents
  • Enhance customer service through efficient resolution of inquiries and increased sales acquisitions
  • Improve and maintain brand loyalty and competitive advantage

Financial Services & Insurance

Financial and insurance services are important in our everyday lives. Information being communicated between a customer and your institution is sensitive and confidential. At Bridgecom we understand your customers' concerns and needs. We give 100% to provide skillful quality communication allowing us to provide you with a better relationship with your customer.

With exceptional and reliable people who are specifically trained to handle your calls from first call resolution, to ongoing customer care and loyalty. Bridgecom will help your business increase lead generation, sales conversion, and ROI. Many financial and insurance institutions have turned to Bridgecom to:

  • Safeguard their clients information through rigorous information control and security mechanisms since we are ISO IEC 27001 certified and comply with all the necessary standards to guarantee 100% confidentiality.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and service through our highly trained agents, and ensuring their customers' that their private information is secure.
  • Improve process efficiencies with customer inquiry resolutions to meet industry demands.


When it comes to customer service, the urgent calls of the healthcare industry require specific handling expertise for sensitive information to be delivered fast and accurately. When it comes to one's physical wellbeing it is critical that each call is resolved promptly.

At Bridgecom we understand this importance and set our standards to meet your unique business requirements. Whether your customer needs assistance with the status of a claim or needs emergency response, our specially trained and skillful agents are equipped with the necessary resources to handle the specific needs of both the patient and the health care provider.

We set a high standard through our people, process, and technology. Through this philosophy, you can rely on Bridgecom to provide your business and customers with quality service and care. Many health care professionals have relied on Bridgecom for the following:

  • Highly trained agents to handle all critical and urgent calls quickly and efficiently.
  • State of the art technology that ensures calls are being transferred immediately to a representative of your business.
  • Increase response time and resolutions of customer inquiries and concerns.

Online & Multi-Channel Retail

With the emergence of the Internet and improvement in e-commerce security, the Retail and Catalog industry has experienced a drastic change. Retailers spend thousands of dollars on online advertising to drive traffic with their website and increase online sales. Increased competition on the Internet and lower margins has forced retailers to not only compete on price, but on value added services and building brand loyalty. Many of the world leading brands have turned to Bridgecom for our industry expertise and leading technology that can provide phone, chat, and email support to their customers on a 24/7 basis.

Bridgecom specializes in retail and e-commerce, and understands the unique nature of the market. Retail and e-commerce clients have turned to Bridgecom to:

  • Increase sales and acquire new customers.
  • Strengthen current customer loyalty through improved customer service features and availability
  • Extend brand image through transparent use of highly trained, quality workforce
  • Improve scalability during seasonal spikes in the holiday seasons
  • Add competitive advantage by offering chat and email support in addition to phone
  • Promote new product or service offerings
  • Customer service for loyalty programs
  • Tap into new markets through use of our foreign language support (over 110 languages offered)
  • Seamlessly integrate to company fulfillment house or access one of Bridgecom's qualified fulfillment partners

We have experience in improving sales, strengthening brand loyalty, and reducing overall support costs for our retail and e-commerce clients. To learn more about how we can help you grow your retail store, on and off-line, contact us today.

Travel & Leisure

The travel and leisure industry involves entertainment, a favorable component that will always remain constant. Vacations, resorts, dance clubs, etc. are all common forms of travel and leisure. As a result of its consistent demand, supplying this industry remains in a constant high. Competition prevails, as keeping costs at a minimum and maintaining customer satisfaction will offer competitive advantage.

Bridgecom specializes in this industry, providing award winning solutions that include exceptional customer service, efficient processes, and the use of state of the art technology. Process efficiencies will address wasted reservations, and our customer service will increase brand loyalty through effective handling routine services. Travel and leisure clients have turned to Bridgecom to:

  • Attract and retain new and existing customers
  • Increase brand recognition through exceptional customer service
  • Minimize and eliminate unnecessary costs through enhancing operational efficiencies


Utilities and related services are necessities people use every day. The need for these will always remain constant, as they are important to the daily routines and functionalities of its users. This dependence makes it essential for customers to have any issues or concerns resolved in a timely manner from their provider.

To maximize on revenues, utility providers have no need to change their offerings, but should focus on reducing costs while maintaining excellent service levels. Bridgecom has the people, process, and technology that can perform these tasks, while enhancing operation efficiencies. We offer exceptional customer service through prompt inquiry and issue resolutions, which are important and demanded in this industry. Utility clients have turned to Bridgecom to:

  • Enhance customer satisfaction through excellent customer service and resolutions on demand
  • Reduce costs through making operations more productive, efficient, and effective
  • Access to customer self-service options, allowing customers to easily resolve their own inquires, therefore reducing the use of your resources