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"Our Training Department not only provides the highest quality education to our trainees, but also guarantees at 100% their lifelong excellence."

Training and coaching are crucial points not to be taken lightly in any call center environment. The full effectiveness of our agents is determined by proper training. Once new recruits are thoroughly trained by our certified training staff they will be ready to treat your product as their own. Working alongside our immediate clients the training department makes sure to gather, coordinate and translate your company information to our agents for best possible results.

Continuous feedback, monitoring and coaching are just a few of the tools that are used to assure the highest level of preparation and motivation. We must keep in mind that not only the use of these tools renders excellence; our training staff is provided with any and every material relevant to the program at hand in order to be accurately efficient. Our trainers are qualified and certified to train specific programs by means of the TTT specification, ensuring customers satisfaction.