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Quality Management System (QMS)

Bridgecom is committed to continual improvement by training our employees, upgrading equipment, eliminating non-essential practices, and creating an environment of total quality consciousness. Bridgecom has created bottom-line efficiency as an integrated source of data security for the customer.

Bridgecom uses documented procedures and work instructions to describe the activities of individual functional processes needed to implement the quality system elements and further describe processes. Work instructions are not auditable however they are used to define the methodology used for a process and keep the process consistent, regardless of who is operating the system, and that results are repeatable..

Bridgecom is committed to provide service for outsourcing that meets our customer’s requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system to enable us to establish a profit. Quality objectives are established by customer's expectations and are reviewed during the management review meetings.

Bridgecom executive management is determined to ensure that customer requirements are met with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction. Metrics have been established to affirm this action.

Bridgecom plans and implements the monitoring, measurement, analysis, and improvement processes needed to demonstrate conformity of the service and to ensure conformity of the QMS and to continually improve the effectiveness of the QMS.